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What should I do if the person I referred forgot to use the referral link?

If the person you referred forgot to use your referral link when signing up, you may still have a chance to receive the referral bonus by following these steps: 


  1. Ask your friend to log in to their account on the CI-EX website [provide the website link here].


  1. Once they are logged in, instruct them to navigate to the account list section.


  1. In the account list section, they should look for an option labeled "Add Superior's Invitation Code" and click on it.


  1. Your friend should then enter your referral code in the designated field and click on the submit button. After successfully adding your referral code, you should receive credit for the referral.


By following these steps, your friend can still use your referral code even if they forgot to do so during the initial sign-up process.