Warning: Protect Yourself from Fake Website Frauds

The popularity of digital assets has grown significantly worldwide. We have received reports from users about criminals committing fraud by creating fake websites and luring users into signing up, logging in, depositing funds, and trading on these deceptive platforms.

Here are important steps to safeguard your assets and accounts:

  1. Trust Only the Official Website:
  • The official website of Centurion Invest is CenturionInvest.com. Rely solely on this website for information about Centurion Invest services and activities. Be cautious of information from non-official channels.
  1. Report Suspicious Websites:
  • If you encounter a website that appears questionable or suspicious, please report it to our customer service. Your vigilance helps us maintain a secure environment for all users.
  1. Prioritize Account Security:
  • Complete the account security verification process by setting up Google Authenticator or enabling two-step verification via mobile phone/email login. These additional security measures enhance the protection of your account.

At Centurion Invest, we have always prioritized and will continue to prioritize the security of your assets and accounts.


Note: Centurion Invest reserves the right to make changes, modifications, or removals to this announcement at its discretion, without prior notice.