Warning: Protect Yourself from Fake App Frauds

We have recently received feedback from users about criminals engaging in fraud by spreading forged App download links. These fraudsters trick users into downloading fake Centurion Invest App, enabling them to steal users' information. They also commit fraud or steal user information by directing users to contact fake Centurion Invest customer service for deposits.

To ensure your safety and security, please take note of the following steps:

  1. Download App from Official Source:
  • When downloading the Centurion Invest App, always visit CenturionInvest.com and access the App download section. Avoid clicking on App download links from unknown sources. Trust only the official website for the legitimate App.
  1. Deposit Instructions from Verified Channels Only:
  • Centurion Invest will never request users to make deposits through customer service. Please be aware that we only support fiat deposits through OTC trading. Any request for deposits that deviates from this official process should be considered suspicious.
  1. Protect Your Privacy:
  • Your privacy is of utmost importance to Centurion Invest. We will never disclose your personal information to any third party. We will never ask for your account passwords, text messages, Google Authenticator codes, or any other sensitive information for any reason. Be cautious and refrain from sharing such details.

Stay vigilant and exercise caution. Do not click on App download links from non-official sources, and do not trust information received from unauthorized channels. If you are contacted by someone claiming to represent Centurion Invest, please visit our official website for 24/7 online customer service to verify their identity.


Note: Centurion Invest reserves the right to make changes, modifications, or removals to this announcement at its discretion, without prior notice.