Warning: Be Aware of Online Frauds and Telephone Scams

As digital assets gain global attention, it is crucial to remain cautious of online frauds and telephone scams. We have received reports from users regarding criminals who impersonate Centurion Invest customer service representatives or key account managers. These fraudsters employ various tactics, including phone calls, WeChat interactions, fake WeChat communities, live-streaming trading advice, and requests to deposit digital assets to specific addresses.

Here are important points to note to protect yourself from such scams:

  1. Trust Official Channels:
  1. No Stock Trading Products:
  • Centurion Invest has never launched and will not launch any stock trading products. Be wary of any claims suggesting otherwise.
  1. Beware of False Communities:
  • Centurion Invest does not endorse communities offering "trading operating advice" or "investment guidance on cryptocurrency trading" by self-proclaimed professionals. Any contact from individuals presenting themselves as XT investment consultants or advisers should be considered fraudulent.
  1. Protect Your Personal Information:
  • Centurion Invest highly values your privacy and will never ask for your account password, text messages, Google Authenticator codes, or other sensitive information through any means. Do not share such details with anyone claiming to represent Centurion Invest.
  1. Verify Official Administrators:
  • In normal circumstances, Centurion Invest's official community administrators will not initiate direct messages (DMs) with users. If you receive a DM, ensure the sender's status as an official Centurion Invest administrator before engaging in further communication.

Remain vigilant and exercise caution when encountering scams and fraudulent sales. Do not rely on information received through non-official channels. If you are contacted by someone, visit our official website for 24/7 online customer service to verify your identity.


Please note that Centurion Invest reserves the right to change, modify, or remove sections of this announcement at our discretion. Any updates will be posted on the website, with or without prior notice.