Transparency in Law Enforcement Requests: Protecting Your Information

Law enforcement agencies occasionally approach Centurion Invest with requests for customer information. We prioritize transparency and legal compliance, and we want to ensure that you understand how we handle these requests. Here's a breakdown of our process:

  1. Legal Process Requirement:
  • To safeguard your privacy, Centurion Invest insists that all information requests from law enforcement agencies be accompanied by proper legal process. This includes production orders, search warrants, subpoenas, or requests for voluntary data disclosure. We review each request carefully to ensure its validity and limit our response to only the information necessary for law enforcement purposes.
  1. Welcoming Inquiries from Law Enforcement:
  • We are open to inquiries from law enforcement agencies regarding our policies and procedures. If you are a law enforcement official seeking clarification, please reach out to us at

To expedite the review of your information request, please provide the following details:

  1. Name of the law enforcement authority making the request.
  2. Proof of the officer's authorization and their current position within the law enforcement agency.
  3. Proof of the officer's identification within the law enforcement agency (e.g., internal ID number).
  4. Investigation letter issued by the law enforcement agency.
  5. Email address from a government domain.
  6. The specific legal entity for which you require information.
  7. Detailed explanation of the specific content being requested.
  8. Additional information, including a reasonable deadline and any relevant Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty request for international law enforcement cooperation.

We want to emphasize that Centurion Invest also has the right to disclose information to authorities when necessary to protect our platform and our customers.

Your privacy and security are of paramount importance to us. We are committed to maintaining transparency and ensuring compliance with legal requirements in handling law enforcement requests.