Protecting Your Assets: Important Safety Instructions

Here are essential steps to ensure the safety of your assets, even if you're new to cryptocurrency:

Title: Safeguard Your Account

  1. Keep Your Password Confidential:
    • Safeguard your account by never sharing your password with anyone.
    • A strong, unique password is crucial for protecting your Centurion Invest account.
  2. Beware of Suspicious Calls:
    • Be cautious of individuals claiming to be Centurion Invest representatives who ask for personal or account information.
    • Remember that Centurion Invest will never initiate calls to customers.
  3. Avoid Unauthorized Fund Transfers:
    • Protect yourself from scammers pretending to be Centurion Invest employees who ask for money transfers.
    • Centurion Invest employees will never request funds from customers.
  4. Enable Secondary Authentication:
    • Strengthen your account security by activating secondary authentication methods like Google Authenticator or mobile phone authentication.