New Listing on CIEX

We are thrilled to announce that SatoshiFx (STF) will be listed on CIEX Exchange and CIEX members will be able to trade STF soon!

🧐 What Is SatoshiFx (STF)?

STF token is a Binance Smart Chain based BEP20 token that will be the heart of the SatoshiFX platform. STF token can be used to pay for services of SatoshiFx platform, pay trading fees, or transfer money among users. The trading will also be lowered when trading is done through STF token pairs. No transaction fees will be charged when consumers pay to the merchants with STF token. 

STF is a high liquidity token which is paired with many other cryptocurrencies for trading. STF token has huge utility in all platform features and services. 

STF token is connected with the real gold in the SatoshiFx platform. Users can invest money on the platform and get 60%-90% return in real 99.99% purity gold and remaining in STF token. This investment technique ensures that user’s investment always appreciate in value.

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