My credit card was declined

If your credit card was declined, please ensure that the following conditions are met for the funds to be credited to your fiat wallet: 

  1. The credit card used must be in your possession and registered under your name.
  2. The credit card should be either a Mastercard with SecureCode or a Visa card with Verified-by-Visa activated.

Please note that there is a 24-hour deposit limit of EUR 5000 for credit card deposits on CI. If this limit has been reached, you will receive an error message. 


When reporting a credit card issue, please provide the following details: your credit card provider, whether the amount has already been debited from your bank account, and include a screenshot of the transaction data along with a text description. 

Here are some possible issues and their solutions: 

  1. Your credit card is not a Mastercard with SecureCode or a Visa card with Verified-by-Visa activated.
  2. Double-check if you entered the correct card number, expiration date, and CVV.
  3. If you entered the wrong PIN too many times, your credit card might be blocked by your provider for security reasons.
  4. Your credit card provider may block the transaction. Check if there are any limits or restrictions on your credit card account.
  5. You might be trying to purchase in a foreign currency not currently supported by CI or your credit card provider may be blocking the transaction. CI currently supports deposits in EUR and USD (GBP, AED, CAD coming soon).
  6. Your provider may have changed their service guidelines or reevaluated your credit score, resulting in a blocked transaction. Note that your provider may not always communicate this change to you.
  7. If you are using a virtual credit card or if your name is not stated on the credit card, your fiat deposit will require manual approval and will have the status "Waiting for approval."
  8. Verify that the information you entered matches our records, and update your information if necessary.

In case of maintenance or downtime issues with depositing on CI, you can alternatively use wire transfer to deposit your funds.