My account has been frozen due to risk control, what should I do?

What is a Risk Control Measure and What Triggers it?

To ensure the security of user funds, employs risk control measures. These measures are designed to detect any suspicious activity or abnormalities in user accounts and temporarily lock them to protect the funds.

Here are some actions that may trigger risk control measures:

  1. Login IP does not match the supported transaction country and region of
  2. Frequent transactions and discrepancies within a short period of time.
  3. Frequent creation and withdrawal of orders within a short period, including cases of inducing others to place orders.
  4. Malicious manipulation of the market to gain abnormal profits by causing deviations in market prices.
  5. Participation in platform activities and bulk registration of accounts.
  6. Unauthorized access to other accounts, conducting transactions, fund transfers, and engaging in related illegal activities.
  7. Single or multiple related accounts on the same device involved in extortion, converting account funds, and manipulating market prices for abnormal gains.
  8. Accounts suspected of violating rules and frozen as per official department requirements for investigation.
  9. Operation of the account from a suspicious device or IP, posing a risk of theft.
  10. Other trading behaviors identified by

How to Remove Risk Control if Triggered by Mistake?

If your account is locked due to a mistaken triggering of risk control measures, follow these steps:

  1. Refer to the text messages or emails sent by Centurion Invest's official customer service (beware of recent fraud attempts impersonating Centurion Invest customer support) for instructions.
  2. Open a ticket through the following link:
  3. Provide the necessary information as requested.
  4. The platform will review your case within 3 to 7 working days.
  5. Additionally, change your password promptly to enhance account security.
  6. Ensure that only you have access to your mailbox, mobile phone, Google Authenticator, and other secure verification methods.

Please note that you may contact our customer service team for further assistance. However, it is crucial to provide sufficient supporting documents to prove your account ownership. Failure to meet the requirements or appeal criteria may result in a delay in receiving support.


Important Reminder: Be aware of fraudulent calls and SMS messages from fake Centurion Invest staff. If you have any doubts about the emails or SMS messages you receive, verify their authenticity by contacting Centurion Invest online customer service. If you encounter any funds-related issues, please promptly consult our customer service for further assistance.


Always prioritize the security of your Centurion Invest account to safeguard your investments.