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Maximizing Your Crypto Earnings with CIEX’s Task Center

Are you ready to join the world of crypto trading and start earning big rewards? Look no further, as CIEX’s Task Center is here to help you achieve just that! With simple tasks and easy requirements, you can start cashing in and trading like a pro in no time.

The CIEX Task Center is divided into two categories: Beginner’s Tasks and Daily Tasks.

1- First Fiat or Crypto Deposit

2- Daily Trading Transactions

3- Daily Check-in


Let us examine each in detail:

🟢 Beginner’s Tasks:

1- First Fiat or Crypto Deposit:

Deposit $100 or its equivalent and receive a substantial 1,000 CIX in your Spot wallet.

🟢 Daily Tasks:

2- Daily Trading Transactions:

Receive 25 CIX for executing a daily trading volume of 500 USDT or more in Spot.

3- Daily Check-in:

Sign in daily to receive 1 CIX and consecutively check-in for 7 days to receive 11 CIX, effectively doubling your rewards.


Expiry date: It is imperative to be aware of the expiry dates for each task and to familiarize yourself with the rules prior to starting.

Task completion: Upon completion of a task, a pop-up notification will appear, enabling you to claim your rewards.


Let’s look at the 1st deposit task steps:

1- Click on complete to make the deposit:

2- Click on Get reward:

3- Pop-Up will appear:

4- View reward

5- Once you reach 30 USDT, you will be able to withdraw your bonus to your spot wallet and use them whether for trading or staking or even to get your CIX Crypto Visa Card.

Join the path towards financial success with CIEX’s Task Center.


Start maximizing your crypto earnings now:

🔗 https://www.ci-ex.com/en_US/taskcenter

Unlock Your Full Crypto Potential with CIEX’s Task Center.


Terms and Conditions for Centurion Invest’s welcome bonus promotion.

1. Eligibility: This campaign is open to all new users who sign up for a Centurion Invest account, pass KYC verification, are approved, and deposit a minimum of $100 or its equivalent in their account.

2. Welcome Bonus: The welcome bonus will be credited to the user’s spot account after completing KYC verification and approval. The bonus can only be used for trading, staking, or subscribing to the CIX Visa Debit Card. The bonus cannot be withdrawn from the account and must be used within the Centurion Invest platform.

3. KYC Verification: The user must complete KYC verification before being eligible for the welcome bonus. The verification process includes providing personal identification documents such as a passport or ID card. Centurion Invest reserves the right to reject any KYC verification requests that do not meet its requirements.

4. 1. The welcome bonus offered by Centurion Invest will be 1000 CIX tokens and transferred to the spot wallet.

Task Center: In order to transfer your reward to your spot wallet you must have at least 30 USTD (In value).

Terms and Conditions for CIEX task center bonuses.

Mandatory steps that users can be complete in the CIEX task center to be eligible for the bonus offer, presented in bullet form:

1- The First deposit: Beginner’s task by depositing 100 USDT and receiving 1,000 CIX tokens in your spot wallet. Make sure to claim it in the task center.

2- Complete the Daily trading transactions — Spot: Daily Task by trading a volume of 500 USDT daily and receiving 25 CIX tokens. Make sure to claim it in the task center.

4- The Daily Check in: Daily task by signing in daily and getting 1 CIX per day. You’ll receive 1 CIX on Day 1 through Day 6, and 5 CIX on Day 7.

- The Welcome Bonus will be credited to the user’s account once they have claimed it and transferred it to their Spot account. Only for users who meet the eligibility criteria, for the welcome bonus as specified by the Centurion Invest.

- Bonus Restrictions: The welcome bonus cannot be combined with any other promotions or offers. It cannot be transferred to another account or person. The bonus is subject to Centurion Invest’s terms and conditions and may be modified or terminated at any time without prior notice.

- Trading and Staking: The welcome bonus can be used for trading and staking on the Centurion Invest’s platform. Trading fees and staking rewards will be calculated based on the user’s total account balance and staking period.

-CIX Visa Debit Card Subscription: The welcome bonus can also be used to subscribe to the CIX Visa Debit Card. The subscription fee will be deducted from the user’s account balance.

- Limitation of Liability: Centurion Invest is not liable for any losses or damages incurred as a result of using the welcome bonus on the Centurion Incest platform. The user is solely responsible for any risks associated with cryptocurrency trading, staking, and the use of the CIX Visa Debit

Centurion Invest reserves the right to withhold the bonus from anyone suspected of engaging in fraudulent or malicious activity. This is done in order to maintain the integrity of the platform and protect the interests of its users. If there are any suspicions of fraud or ill-intent activity, Centurion Invest may choose not to allocate the bonus to that particular user. It is therefore important to abide by the terms and conditions of the platform and conduct oneself in an honest and transparent manner.

By participating in this campaign, the user agrees to the above terms and conditions. Centurion Invest reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

Connect With Us:

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