Debit or credit card purchases with Visa and Mastercard

You can conveniently purchase various cryptocurrencies instantly using your Visa or Mastercard. 


  1. Your CI account must be verified.
  2. You need to have a valid Visa or Mastercard.

Failed or declined transactions: 

There are several reasons why a transaction may fail: 

  1. Connectivity issues with the website or API.
  2. Market volatility prevents the locking of a price.
  3. Your card issuer may decline the transaction at their discretion.

If your card has been charged but you have not received your crypto assets immediately, the transaction will be automatically voided within two hours. 

Please note that the provided reasons are not exhaustive. If you continue to experience issues with your purchases, please reach out to our Support team. You can also chat with one of our Support Specialists directly by clicking the Chat button in the right corner of your screen.