CIX Trading Fees

Trading cryptocurrencies incurs costs in the form of fees, which vary depending on the type of order placed to ensure efficient trading. 


What is a maker? 

A maker is a trader who contributes to the liquidity of the market by adding new orders to the order book. 


What is a taker? 

A taker is a trader who seeks immediate execution of trades by consuming existing liquidity in the market. 


What are maker fees? 

Maker fees are typically the lowest fees charged by exchange platforms. These fees are designed to incentivize traders to provide liquidity to the market. Each platform may have different maker fees, with a focus on offering competitive rates to attract more traders, especially those placing maker orders. 


What are taker fees? 

Taker fees are the fees charged to traders who execute orders immediately from the market. Generally, taker fees are slightly higher on most exchanges compared to maker fees. 


What is the CIX VIP Program? 

The CIX VIP Program is specifically designed for high-volume traders. It provides incentives traders to engage in more trading by offering them the lowest fees. As traders increase their trading volume, they become eligible for reduced fees as part of the VIP program. 


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