CIX Staking: Supercharge your Crypto goals with DAILY rewards

In a continuous effort to give its users a greater choice as to how they Maximize their portfolio and earning interest.

Centurion Invest added 2 new EXCLUSIVE Pools, to the STAKING program, to get additional rewards in a passive manner.

Enjoy up to 40% APR when you stake CIX. Let your crypto work for you !

Our FIXED plans offer you the highest saving Yields available on CI.

Stablecoins : up to 30% APR on Stablecoins rewards with a 12 month lock-in.

Crypto : up to 40% APR on CIX rewards with a 12 month lock-in.




A- User deposits $10,000 in CIX into pool 360 Days.

B- User will receive $10,000 * 40% = $4,000.00 on a yearly basis

C- $4,000.00/ 360 = $11.11 in CIX per day . 


what is the minimum and maximum i can stake ?

The minimum deposit is 1000 CIX and the maximum deposit is 2,500,000 CIX.

How is my daily yield calculated?

Your daily yield depends on the type and number of tokens you’ve staked.

Your daily yield = the number of tokens you’ve staked * (APR for the staked token / 365)

The calculation for your daily yield will start on the next day (T+1) after you’ve staked the tokens, and will be automatically deposited to your CI Earn Account daily starting one day after the calculation period starts (T+2).

No yield will be generated on the day you unstake your staked assets.

What are staking rewards?

You can earn rewards when you stake cryptocurrencies and fiat for a period of time as an incentive to acquire and hold onto staking assets. Some staking coins may require a bonding period. To earn staking rewards, simply select the asset you wish to stake and once it has finished bonding, it will be ready to start staking and earning rewards twice a week from the Proof of Stake process.

What is Proof of Stake?

Popular coins like Bitcoin are proof of work, meaning they’re generated by using machines competing to solve complex equations to “mine” coins and digital assets. Proof of Stake works differently by choosing from a pool of people holding the Proof of Stake coin. A Proof of Stake “validator node” can be added to the pool by staking coins for a certain period of time, giving Proof of Stake validators a source of income without needing powerful mining hardware.

Staking coins & cryptocurrencies

These are the types of coins and fiat currencies that you can earn rewards on through CI’s staking service. For example, staking coins such as Tezos (XTZ) and Cosmos (ATOM) can be purchased on CI and staked to earn rewards.

Can i unstake at any given time ?


Terms & Conditions

1. The annualized percentage RATE (APR) will fluctuate based on market conditions and internal risk management. CI reserves the right to update it without notifying users in advance.

2. To unstake, please head to “Locked Staking” in “Earn Account” under “Orders & Trade”.

3. Currently, compounding is not supported. Your daily yield will not be automatically reinvested to generate additional yield. Instead, you must manually make a new deposit for Staking.

4. Once the total max. staking amount has been reached, the corresponding product plan will be closed.

5. The individual staking threshold and the total max. staking amount for each type of tokens will be adjusted from time to time based on market conditions and internal risk management. CI reserves the right to update it without notifying users in advance.

6. CI reserves the right to disqualify any users who engage in dishonest or abusive activities.