What is Staking?

Staking is the process of holding a specific amount of tokens in a staking wallet. Tokens that are staked are subjected to a specific lock-up period during which they can’t be unstaked and will not be available for use in any transactions (deposits, withdrawals, and trading are not allowed). 

What is the Benefit of Staking?

Staking is often used by traders as a way of generating passive rewards. Go to the staking page that can be found under CIEx Menu to see the list of active staking events and the tokens that can be staked.

CIEx now offers the opportunity to earn weekly rewards by staking your assets with just one button. 

Staking allows you to participate in the transaction validation on Proof-of-Stake blockchains, for which you will be rewarded by the network.

With Proof of Stake crypto-assets, staking is the process of committing assets to a blockchain network to validate transactions. CIEx Staking allows you to become a guarantor of the validity of any new transactions added to the blockchain. More committed assets mean a more secure network.


How to Stake CIX 


  1. Log in to your CIEx account, click on ''Staking''.

    If you are using the CIEx App Log in to your CIEx account, click on ''Staking'' Icon.

  2. Click on the “CIX Limited Pool” Section to proceed.
  3. Enter the amount of CIX you want to stake in the box shown