What's my CIX Crypto Visa Card?

Introducing the CIX Crypto Visa Card - Empower your digital assets with global spending capabilities. 


Centurion Invest is thrilled to announce our groundbreaking collaboration with the Visa network to bring you the CIX Crypto Visa Card. With this card, you can conveniently use your digital assets anywhere, anytime, at over 100 million merchants in more than 200 countries. 

We take great pride in enabling you to leverage the world's largest card processing network, Visa, in conjunction with CIEx. This partnership allows for instant spending and redemption of your USDTs and CIX Tokens at various points of sale, online platforms, and ATMs where you can withdraw in your preferred currency. 

The CIX Crypto Visa Card unlocks a whole new realm of spending possibilities, enabling you to purchase your daily necessities, groceries, travel expenses, pay insurance premiums, and much more. Enjoy a spending power of up to $100,000 with zero fees*. 


*Terms and conditions apply. 


For more information, click here to access additional details about the CIX Crypto Visa Card.