How much does a CIX Crypto Visa Card cost ?

The cost of a CIX Crypto Visa Card is designed to provide you with competitive and affordable options. Here are the details: 


1. No card issuing fees: You won't be charged any fees for the issuance of your CIX Crypto Visa Card.


2. No recurring card or account management fees for VIP plans: If you choose one of our VIP plans, there are no recurring fees for card or account management.


3. Fees for non-USD transactions (FX) and cash withdrawals (ATM & network): Please note that certain fees may apply for transactions conducted in currencies other than USD and for cash withdrawals from ATMs and networks. These fees are standard in the industry.


Furthermore, by holding CIX Tokens, you can enjoy the added benefit of obtaining your CIX Crypto Visa Card without any monthly subscription fees. 


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We strive to provide cost-effective solutions and transparent fee structures to ensure your experience with the CIX Crypto Visa Card is convenient and value-driven.