Can I block and unblock my CIX Crypto Visa Card?

If you need to block your CIX Crypto Visa Card due to loss, theft, or any other security concerns, you can easily do so through the Centurion Wallet management dashboard. 


To block your card, follow these steps: 


  1. Log in to your Centurion Invest wallet.
  2. Go to your virtual or physical card section.
  3. In the card dashboard, click on the gear settings icon located in the top right corner to access the card settings.
  4. Select "Block Card" and follow the provided instructions.


If you want to unblock a temporarily blocked card, you can do it yourself by accessing your card dashboard on your mobile device. Simply tap on the gear settings icon in the top right corner to open the card settings, then click on "Unblock Card" and follow the instructions provided.