Centurion Invest Token Utility & Guide



We aim to implement groundbreaking investment tools and methods into one revolutionary platform, bringing together the world of fiat with the power of cryptocurrency.

Our products:

-CI Wallet


-CI Magnet

-The LAB Launchpad

-CI Card

-CI Earn

-Centurion Academy


-CI Wallet:

The Wallet is easy-to-use with an online intuitive interface offering customers and investors the opportunity to buy or sell 300+ digital assets and investment instruments seamlessly.


CIEx is a highly secure and regulated crypto trading platform for traders, professionals, and institutions.

-CI Magnet:

CI Magnet is a referral program that helps people earn money easily just by referring their friends, partners, and network to invest.

-The LAB Launchpad:

Centurion Invest helps projects raise awareness and education users, to expand new investment opportunities through hand-selected projects.

-CI Card:

With CIX Visa Crypto Card, Cardholders can convert trier CIX to Fiat and use their card at more than 60 million merchants around the world.

CI's mission is to grow the mass adoption of digital assets.

We bridge the gap between investors and DEFI products and make Crypto available anywhere, anytime.

-CI Earn:

Centurion Invest Farming Plans allow investors to simply generate their passive income into High Yield Returns.

We offer 3 Farming Plans with High Yields & Rates with monthly payouts.

-Centurion Academy:

Empowering people to educate themselves and better understand digital assets, we provide them with basic rights and processes for a more fair and centralized environment. We provide Tutorials, Knowledge, Documentation, and Videos.


CI360° enables businesses to add cryptocurrency as a payment method in addition to cash, bank transfers, and credit/debit cards.

● Who are your clients? How do you ensure the unbreakable faith of your clients?

Our mission is to empower a New Generation of Crypto Traders using a global platform that unifies and democratizes access to digital assets in a secure and compliant manner.

Centurion Invest is an integrated cryptocurrency-focused digital assets trading platform and ecosystem services designed to help Investors, Traders, businesses, and institutional investors create maximum yields on their digital assets holding and to empower them to become financially motivated.

At CI, we believe digital assets should be accessible to everyone. CI aims at laying out opportunities in the crypto world in a seamless manner.

How to buy CIX

Here is a guide to buying CIX, the centurion invest native token.

1- Register on CI-Wallet:


2- Download the app CI-EX:


3- Submit KYC on CI-EX


4- Complete 2FA on CI-EX


5- Deposit on CI-Wallet

. Deposit crypto :

. https://www.centurioninvest.com/fr/dashboard/deposit-crypto

. Deposit Fiat :

. https://www.centurioninvest.com/fr/dashboard/Deposit

Once complete, proceed to the wallet dashboard.

  • Token sale
  • CIX
  • Input amount to buy CIX
  • Select the currency to pay
  • Confirm with OTP.
  • Done! Congratulations.